Supporting and empowering new and expectant mothers.

Safe ~ Personalized ~ Comprehensive

Our comprehensive and personalized approach supports the physical, emotional, and educational needs of new and expectant mothers.

The Value of the Hatch Experience

There are many ways to experience all that the Hatch Community has to offer.
Our comprehensive 360 approach to maternal wellness helps support new and expectant mothers through the entire journey of motherhood.

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A-La-Carte Offerings

Drop-In for:

  • Complimentary Maternal Health Consult
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Education and Wellness Classes
  • Weekly Family Music Classes
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Packaged Offerings

Class Cards or Packages for:

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Private Fitness Training Sessions
  • Semi-Private Reformer Sessions
  • Education Workshop and Series
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Hatch Membership

Our Members receive personalized support and guidance from our Maternal Medical Expert along with our team of women’s health and fitness professionals who have all come together to ensure the best outcomes for mothers and babies.

  • Customized Pre/Postnatal Program
    •   GROW Fitness Program
    •   GLOW Suppor/Wellness Program
    •   KNOW Education Program
  • Comprehensive Assessments
    •  Functional Movement Screens
    •  Maternal Mental Health Assessments
    •  Pelvic Floor Health Assessments
  • Unlimited Group Fitness classes
  • All Group Intro Education classes
  • Email + In-Person Access to our Maternal Medical Expert
  • One Free Massage or Private Fitness Session for New Members
  • Discounts on all Workshops, Series, Privates, and other services
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