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Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Benefits of Yoga Within Each Stage of Pregnancy!

Here are the top ten benefits of actively participating in yoga throughout the stages of your pregnancy! 

– It’s a special time for mom and baby to nurture and grow their loving bond. 

– It allows you to practice mindfulness. A space to bring about peace and contentment.

– Provides connection to mind-body awareness: learning how to release and relax through labor and delivery.

– Can learn breathing exercises that can be used at anytime. Especially during labor to promote well being and calm the central nervous system!

– Stretching involved in yoga helps to relax and release tension, especially across the upper back and shoulders that are affected by additional weight in the chest.

– Helps with lengthening to make room for baby, bringing in more comfort and better function of the organs, including digestion and breathing.

– Increases strength to support the weight of a growing baby, decrease backache, and aid in labor (strong muscles grow fatigued more slowly).

– Helps with control of the muscles in the pelvic floor through pelvic floor contractions (moola bandha) and squatting to aid in pushing during delivery, faster recovery, and decrease problems of incontinence.

– Increases energy and balancing of emotions!

– Improves circulation, posture, and promotes better sleep. 


See you soon,

Randi Coen Gilbert – HATCH Yoga & Fitness Expert 

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